Dolmans Landscaping is a big company
Dolmans Landscaping Group cares for nature and for people
All their workers are equal
Also People with disabilities work there


Dolmans Beringen

Dolmans Landscaping Group has its headquarters in The Netherlands.

They have 12 regional branches.

10 in The Netherlands and 2 in Belgium.

All of these branches are largely independent.

Dolmans Landscaping Group cares for nature and for people.

Offering chances is important to them.

For example: the Monsdal branch in The Netherlands employ 300 workers who had difficulties finding a job.

For the study ‘My Talents. For Diversity.’ we visited the branch in Beringen.

At least one person with intellectual disability is working here.

The manager does not like to talk about disabilities. To him all his workers are equal.
And so, it is absolutely possible that at Dolmans Landscaping Beringen there are more employees with intellectual disability.
The manager does not know. He says he does not need to know.

He prefers to look at what his employees can do rather than at what they are not capable of doing.

Because of his past as a social worker, he was contacted by the government agency supporting people with difficulties.

They wanted to present him a man with intellectual disability.

The manager interviewed him in the same way he always does: he looks for motivation, enthusiasm, the love for nature.

After the interview, it was decided that the new person would first do an internship.

The internship would allow him to discover if he likes the work.

The internship went well and so the new person got a training contract paid for by the government agency (maximum 6 months).

During this period, he got to learn the job.

Now he is on the payroll of Dolmans Landscaping.

The balance is very positive.

The new worker is very active.

The manager says he would like to have 30 of these men.

Working outdoors is not always predictable.

Tasks can change when you arrive at work.

It depends on the weather or other natural factors.

Finding out last minute that he does not have to go with one colleague but follow another one to another location, can be disturbing for the employee with intellectual disability. Everyone is aware of this and the person gets space and time to overcome this disturbance.

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