This company is one of the oldest listed in this catalogue. The company offers sewing services. Svarmil has more than 200 employees in total. 2 people with intellectual disabilities work there. They decided to hire them based on a personal relationship with them.


Sol is a big family company working in 6 countries. The countries where they work are: Russia Finland Sweden Estonia Lithuania Latvia They offer services in cleaning and building maintenance This company has 10 people with intellectual disabilities who work for them. More info here.  

Kynšperk Brewery

This brewery started in 2011. The brewery also includes a restaurant. There is one person with intellectual disabilities who is part of the staff.   More information.

Lambo Laboratories

It was founded in 1865 and is one of most respected companies in Belgium. Lambo Laboratories makes softgels for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Lambo Laboratories sends products to 40 countries worldwide. Lambo Laboratories has a strong focus on social responsibility. Social responsibility means that companies also take into account, in the recruitment process, inclusion […]