Manchester People First

Manchester People First is a self-advocacy groupfor people aged over 18 with a learning disability.   Manchester People First offers services for adults with learning disabilities.  5 people with intellectual disabilities work in the organisation. More info here.  

Cardiff People First

Cardiff People First is a community care organisation.  7 up to 10 staff are people with an intellectual disability. Some of them lead the organisation, being in very important roles. More info here.


Activa was created to support people with intellectual disabilties in their life. For example, they help people with intellectual disabilties in finding a job.   More information.

Fundacìon Psicopediatrìa

Fundacìon Psicopediatrìa offers services to people with disabilities. For example: special education support in finding a job leisure activities The organisation has 4 people with intellectual disabilities that work for them. More info here.


This organisation is located in Poland. It provides services to people with intellectual disabilities. Such as in education. More info here.

ANFFAS Sardegna

ANFFAS offers some services to people with disabilities. The services include: health services assistance education The most important service offered by ANFFAS is supporting people with disabilities in finding a job. ANFFAS also employs people with intellectual disabilities. More info here.


Access is a non-profit organisation in Germany. They want to support people with disabilities in gettinga job. Access has a team with one person with an intellectual disabity.

Kenitysvammaliitto – FAIDD

FAIDD stands for the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilties. FAIDD wants to bring together people with intellectual disabilities. They do so by: offering trainings doing research producing materials in easy-to-read   They have 6 people with intellectual disabilities who work for them.   More info here.  

Rytmus Vychod

This organsation supports people with intellectual disabilties in finding a job. They also support people with intellectual disabilities in other areas of life, such as school and leisure time. More info here.